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WW1 Centenary 2014-2018

WW1 Centenary 2014-2018

World War One Dance

Help your school commemorate this landmark anniversary by holding one of the Primary Workshops for Schools Dance workshops. This workshop will be themed around the popular dances of the era, and each of your classes could learn a dance to display in an end of day performance.

This war and its consequences shaped much of the twentieth century, and the impact of it can still be felt today.

Now, one hundred years after it began, we are ensuring those who lived, fought and served during the years 1914-18 are remembered.

2014 marked 100 years since the outbreak of the First World War. Make sure your school gets involved and help to commemorate this centenary.







World War 1 Story Telling

Listen to well-known and lesser-known tales and myths around the Great War. Hear about Jack of  South Shields who led donkeys on the beach and then as an adult rescued injured soldiers from the battlefield with the help of a donkey.

Find out through letters to and from home how the Land Girls of 1917 saved our country from famine. Taking a sensory approach pupils will begin to appreciate why digging the soil for potatoes in England was very different to digging ditches in France.

Using the stories as a stimulus pupils can retell a story through story maps, spoken word or try their hand at writing letters. Stories may be interlaced with songs, games or factoids to reinforce learning.

A typical day would consist of 4, one hour long sessions.






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  • The workshop was great and all the children had a great time. They thoroughly enjoyed the plays they watched and were enthusiastic about making their own puppets.

    H. T.
  • Chinese Day went very well and I was very impressed with both of the workshops.  Your staff were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and great with the kids.

    Mr D. C.
    Class Teacher
  • It was amazing! Full participation from the onset. Not really any ways to improve the workshops. Yes, definitely rebooking. We're booking a ‘Samba’ Drumming Workshop for the week

    J. H.
    Fox Class
  • We have had this workshop 3 times now, delivered by your drummer, he was very patient with them and the workshop was aimed at their level.

    Fiona M.
    Class Teacher
  • Thank you for organising everything so well, and at such short notice. The workshops provided were excellent and all the children had a fantastic experience

    Mr G. C.
    Deputy Head

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