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African Drumming Workshop

African Drumming Workshop

Suitable for both Primary and Special Educational Needs Schools, our African Drumming Workshops provide a holistic experience that will enable all of your children to be involved regardless of age or ability.

Drumming has been used for centuries in most cultures and can provide a great opportunity to enhance many of the topics that are covered within the school curriculum.

In the African Drumming Workshop, children will learn about how the drum was used traditionally and also how it relates to the modern rhythms heard today. Using a variety of different sized instruments they will also create a large ensemble, making it an ideal group activity.

Throughout the sessions, children will learn through the use of call and response to understand how the drum works.

An African Drumming Workshop can be incredibly rewarding and inspirational for all involved.

  • Improves teamwork and communication skills
  • Builds confidence
  • Increase Cultural awareness and cohesion
  • Creates appreciation for diversity
  • Therapeutic (Stress Buster)

These workshops are high-energy, ensuring children are engaged throughout the sessions and at the end of the day all participants come together for an amazing performance.

A typical African Drumming Workshop consists of up to six sessions throughout the day, which culminate in an engaging performance at the end allowing children to demonstrate the exciting new skills they have learnt.

Black History Month

Originated in America in 1926 by Carter Godwin Woodson (the son of former slaves), Black History Month aims to honour the achievements of black men and women throughout history. Many schools choose to celebrate this event by creating a series of creative activities that embrace the richness and diversity of different cultures and so why not let us help you celebrate this with one of our African Drumming or African Dance Workshops.


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Our Testimonials...

  • The workshop was great and all the children had a great time. They thoroughly enjoyed the plays they watched and were enthusiastic about making their own puppets.

    H. T.
  • Chinese Day went very well and I was very impressed with both of the workshops.  Your staff were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and great with the kids.

    Mr D. C.
    Class Teacher
  • It was amazing! Full participation from the onset. Not really any ways to improve the workshops. Yes, definitely rebooking. We're booking a ‘Samba’ Drumming Workshop for the week

    J. H.
    Fox Class
  • We have had this workshop 3 times now, delivered by your drummer, he was very patient with them and the workshop was aimed at their level.

    Fiona M.
    Class Teacher
  • Thank you for organising everything so well, and at such short notice. The workshops provided were excellent and all the children had a fantastic experience

    Mr G. C.
    Deputy Head

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