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What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say

The facilitator was absolutely fantastic with the children ranging from Y2 to Y5 – he adapted his teaching to suit their ages and abilities and was very engaging. The children loved the chance to play a range of different drums to learn different techniques. It really brought our Carnival day to life!

It was a really fantastic day. The workshop was a fantastic opportunity for the children to explore tempo and rhythm and to practise some call and response. The session was fast-paced and enabled the children to have a lot of time playing the djembe drums. The facilitator was a wonderful leader for our children and we would love to invite you back in the future.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for yesterday’s workshop. It was brilliant! The children were engaged throughout and really enjoyed their day. In fact, a lot of the children really thrived! It was lovely to see. The facilitator was fantastic with the children. The children were so enthused and hung on his every word. The children learnt a lot about sustainable living and hit quite a few of their music targets too! We are really keen to make this a yearly workshop. Thank you again for such a wonderful day.

I wanted to say thank you for such an amazing experience. The children were energised, engaged and so happy! They loved having the dances modelled, the stories explained and copying the moves during the workshop. The boys, who I thought might have been a little reluctant to participate, really threw themselves into it. I think this was partly down to the leader being male and so positive and motivating – he really was fab! The show at the end of the day just made us smile. You could see the sense of achievement on the faces of all those performing, and despite a few reservations about performing in front of the school, they did it! And they did it brilliantly! Your leader even got the audience involved at the end.

Just a quick email to commend your facilitator on the workshop today. It was excellent, she was great with the children and they all enjoyed it. It was an amazing day and will recommend to others.

I want to say a huge thank you to you and your facilitators for such a great workshop. The children all thoroughly enjoyed it and I had rave reviews from the adults too.

Every dance workshop we have had has been fantastic. Even the boys enjoyed theymselves which can be difficult, especially for the older ones. Staff are very complimentary as well so a big thank you!!

Just wanted to pass on our thanks to your facilitators who ran our Lion workshop. We had amazing feedback and we are looking forward to working with you guys in the future!

I wanted to email and say how fantastic our workshop was. The children were so engaged, and he pitched it perfectly for all fur classes. The children loved it and it was the perfect ending to our Africa topic.

Just wanted to say a huge thank you to you all for such a wonderful and hands on experience. Both my class and the older children thoroughly enjoyed their workshop, and the facilitator made it so much fun and interactive.

I just wanted to send an email of thanks to you and Nadia for the organising of the Chinese Dance Workshop. It was absolutely amazing and has been the talk of Pre Prep from children to teachers and even parents. The children had a wonderful time, they were transfixed by your artist and the dancing/props. Unfortunately I wasn’t there on the day but this feedback was from my Assistant Head who saw lots of the groups. A very special thanks to you al – from what I’ve heard from many staff, the day was fantastic! Once again, thank you for the fantastic workshop.

I would just like to say what an amazing day we had yesterday doing the Chinese Dragon workshop. The facilitator was just fantastic and engaged all the children from start to finish. I hope she had a fun day too and we look forward to booking again.

I just wanted to write and say a massive thank-you to your facilitator. He was a colossal hit with everyone (adults and children) and managed to gauge the children perfectly. The length of the show at the start was ideal and the children loved participating with the facilitator helping them where necessary.

I wonder if you could pass on a huge thank you to the facilitator for a fantastic day today! The children absolutely loved their drumming experience and I was amazed at how quickly they were able to pick up on the drumming techniques with his instruction! I know that the children will look back very fondly on their day, so many thanks again.

Please convey my sincere thanks for today’s drumming workshop. Our children really enjoyed the opportunity to make music with the facilitator and it was wonderful to watch them develop their skills over the course of the workshops.

Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to you for a super Indian Dance workshop yesterday. She pitched it just right for all the different ages and really inspired the children.

The workshop was excellent. It was appropriately paced, highly engaging and hugely enjoyable. Teaching staff were quick to feedback how successful each workshop had been and how much the children enjoyed it. Some feedback from children included “amazing” and “unlike anything I had ever done before”. Hugely impressed with the workshop leader: he was approachable, energetic and engaging.

We really enjoyed the sessions today. The children absolutely LOVED it. The dancer was great – please pass on my thanks!

I just wanted to say what a great day we’ve had! The facilitator was friendly and very knowledgeable. I was running my own workshops in the hall so didn’t see much myself, but have had fantastic feedback from other staff and pupils. The facilitator brought a range of items for children to play which linked to our topic perfectly and the whole day went brilliantly.

The children really enjoyed the drumming. They listened brilliantly as he was very engaging. The children enjoyed the immersive hands on experience and were in awe of how talented he was they really had fun. The children were so engaged and having fun! Lovely range of singing and playing. The children were absolutely buzzing and inspired.

The facilitator was very friendly and all the children thoroughly enjoyed it. He included all children especially our SEN children.

The children had a highly engaging and eventful day. They were enthusiastic and enjoyed working on new skills.

It was literally perfect! It was a fabulous opportunity for our children. They were so engaged and really enjoyed the experience!

The facilitator always delivers a fantastic workshops for all ages. I have no comments for improvements. She is a talented dancer and communicator. The children absolutely love your workshops.

The workshop was fantastic and the facilitator is a credit to yourselves. It was a fantastic workshop, appropriate for all ages. Fun and engaging for all (including the adults) and the performance at the end of was a no-pressure dance which was great for all participants and the audience.

The children and adults absolutely loved the workshops. Everyone had great fun and the final performances were wonderful to watch. It was brilliant!

It was a super day. The children really enjoyed doing the Maypole dancing which was not something most of them have experienced before. The facilitator was friendly, patient and very hardworking. Thanks for a great workshop!

The workshop was absolutely perfect. Everything we needed from the workshop was delivered in such a fab way. Really enjoyable and perfect. The facilitator was so down to Earth and make the workshops fun, exciting and engaging for our children, including some of our more challenging children. Everyone was praising the workshops and saying how amazing the facilitator was with the children. They learned so many skills and had a lot of un. It was a brilliant way to start our topic.

Our workshop was engaging with outstanding results

Very exciting day for all the pupils from Reception to Year 3. They were highly motivated and engaged with the Bollywood dancing and beats! The facilitator enthused all our pupils of all ability groups – this was fabulous to see. What an entertaining day and a super way to celebrate the coming of Diwali! Thank you for an amazing day – there was definitely a positive “Bollywood Buzz” around school for all staff and pupils who worked with the facilitator today.

The workshop was amazing. We were absolutely thrilled with the morning and wouldn’t have changed a thing. It was truly magical. The children and staff loved everything. We loved the way that every child was involved and that they not only had plenty of time to learn new skills but they also performed their skills to their friends at the end. It was truly magical and a wonderful experience for all involved.

The workshop was hands-on, age appropriate and fast paced so even the youngest children were engaged from the offset.

Very professionally run, with excellent facilitators who engaged perfectly with a variety of different age groups.

The facilitator was excellent. He differentiated the workshops for the age of the children. Everyone had a great day.

Thank you very much for delivering a superb workshop. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

The workshop was fantastic. The children and staff really enjoyed the workshop and we feel it does not need to improve in any way. It was wonderful how it was slowly built and developed. It had links to what is currently being taught in class (Rama and Sita) and also linked to many other curriculum topics. The person visiting us captured the children’s interests well.

Every child had the opportunity to participate in the workshops as there were enough drums for every child. The children were engaged throughout the workshops and learned so many facts, as the instructor was very knowledgeable! It’s a learning experience which the children will never forget about.

From start to finish, the facilitator kept the children engaged and eager to see what would happen next. He created great anticipation.

I would just like to say how much we have enjoyed having you with us for the last 2 days. It has been wonderful. Every member of staff that has been part of the workshops have said how wonderful the facilitator was with the children and how engaged the children were. Even our more reluctant learners were having the best time during the workshops. You were just fabulous with the children and the staff so amenable to changes out of our control! I have never had a workshop for the whole school where every class from Early Years to Year 6 thoroughly enjoyed the experience and didn’t want it to end. My class were so cross when they found out you were in again today but they couldn’t go! Please pass on our thanks and gratitude to everyone involved. We will definitely be booking again.

The children really enjoyed the dances, even the boys! The end performance was full of energy and showed how much they had learnt.

The facilitator was excellent wit the children and they really enjoyed the sessions.

The facilitator was very professional and engaged all the children. She got them all dancing straight away. They came out of the session with new dance moves and were able to perform to each other at the end of the day which was a joy to see after being in their class bubbles for so long.

The facilitator is an excellent teacher and provided the children with a fantastic opportunity to learn new skills and produce some excellent work. Their confidence grew hugely and they all had a great time.

Just wanted to say a very big thank you to you guys for providing a very suitable yoga workshops here yesterday morning. The children absolutely loved it and said they’d love to do this regularly! We would love to have you back!

Just wanted to say a big thank you on behalf of our school for such a wonderful workshop! The children had a fantastic time and the facilitator was amazing with the children. We were so impressed and will definitely book again for next year!

The workshops were absolutely amazing. I have never in my 25yrs of teaching had a whole school event that has been enjoyed by all staff from Reception to Year 6. The facilitator was wonderful with all the children and staff and every child was fully engaged and participating throughout the whole of the session. WE all smiled and had fun from beginning to end.

The Circus Skills workshop was fun and engaging. The children really enjoyed the sessions and the activities challenged them to be resilient and keep on trying.

It was a really fantastic day. The workshop was a fantastic opportunity for the children to explore tempo and rhythm and to practise some call and response. The session was fast-paced and enabled the children to have a lot of time playing the djembe drums. The facilitator was a wonderful leader for our children and we would love to invite you back in the future.

The facilitator was absolutely fantastic with the children ranging from Y2 to Y5 – he adapted his teaching to suit their ages and abilities and was very engaging. The children loved the chance to play a range of different drums to learn different techniques. It really brought our Carnival day to life!

Please can I send my deepest thanks to you and your team for providing such a wonderful day on Monday!  It was an amazing success and the children were so enthused by the day.  Please can you let everyone who supported the day know what an impact their hard work has had upon our school.

Rhiannon Poole
(High Cliff Academy)

Just a note to thank you for all your efforts in organising to come and work with our boys.  It was fantastic, the boys loved the event and we would be keen to repeat it sometime in the future.

Helen Carlisle
(Rokeby School)

Thank you so much for the workshop on Tuesday.  The provider was excellent and the girls thoroughly enjoyed the experience.  By the end of the morning both classes gave an impressive performance.  Best wishes.

(The Study Preparatory School)

Thank you, we absolutely loved our African Drumming workshop.  The children thoroughly enjoyed it and we were pleased with the fact that all could participate and be active in the drumming.  The instructor was amazing with the children and their enthusiasm showed through the day, exciting the children further.  We would be very interested in booking the workshop for next year too.

Cathy Richmond
(Riverview Junior School)

I really enjoyed it yesterday when you came to do African Drumming with our class.  When I walked into the hall I was mind-blown by the drums!.  I had never seen anything like it before.  On the drums, there were so many different patterns which made them unique.  My favourite was the flame.  I also really like the bass because it sounded like a gong.  Then as we learnt the rhythms we got faster and faster and it got more and more fun.

Miss M. M.
(Year 6 Student)

Thank you for organising everything so well, and at such short notice. The workshops provided were excellent and all the children had a fantastic experience.

Mr G. C.
(Deputy Head)

We have had this workshop 3 times now, delivered by your drummer, he was very patient with them and the workshop was aimed at their level.

Fiona M.
(Class Teacher)

It was amazing! Full participation from the onset. Not really any ways to improve the workshops. Yes, definitely rebooking. We’re booking a ‘Samba’ Drumming Workshop for the week

J. H
(Fox Class)

The workshop was great and all the children had a great time. They thoroughly enjoyed the plays they watched and were enthusiastic about making their own puppets.

Puppetry Workshop
H. T. (HLTA)

Chinese Day went very well and I was very impressed with both of the workshops.  Your staff were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and great with the kids.

Mr D. C
(Class Teacher)

What Our Clients say

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