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We are currently open and able to answer any questions you may have regarding our workshops.

Most of our workshops can be run successfully using social distancing.

Pick n Mix Dance Workshop

Our Pick ‘n’ Mix workshop is both flexible and multifaceted as well as a great participation activity.  As well as teaching your children about different periods in history and different cultures, this dance workshop is dynamic and will help your children communicate through the medium of dance. So whatever your theme or topic is, let […]

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Mosaic Workshop

At Primary Workshops for Schools, our Mosaic Workshop is perfect for creating an engaging learning environment and seeing an idea through to the end.  Your children will love seeing their design turned into a reality and transforming an ordinary space into a beautiful eye-catching spectacle. We will come along to your school to deliver the […]

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Morris Dance Workshop

Our Morris Dance Workshop is devised to give children of all ages and abilities the opportunity to experience the centuries-old tradition of Morris Dance and to celebrate English heritage.  Your children will be enthused by the rhythmic and cheerful choreography of the traditional English folk dances called Morris Dance. Children will learn about the importance […]

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Maypole Dance Workshop

Our Maypole Dance workshop aims to bring this celebration to school, complete with a full Maypole! Children will be able to envisage themselves as part of historic days or celebrate the modern May Day. Around since the mid-14th century, Maypole dancing is traditionally associated with May Day celebrations. Normally celebrating the arrival of spring, children […]

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Martial Arts Workshop

At Primary Workshops for Schools, our martial arts workshop specifically aims to complement your school’s wellness aims.  Encouraging mental and physical health is a key element for children to perform more effectively in school, socialise more successfully and as a consequence be generally happier as individuals. Exercise is known to boost endorphins, the body’s feel-good […]

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Junk Percussion Workshop

Our Junk Percussion workshop is a wonderful way for children to learn to question whether an item is ‘rubbish’ or ‘reusable’ whilst pushing the limits of music and rhythm to another level. After being introduced to the instruments, the children will have fantastic fun playing them whilst gaining valuable experience of working as a team […]

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International Dance Workshop

Our International dance workshop offers the perfect formula to savour the many wonderfully colourful, flamboyant and creative dances that originate from countries/regions all around the world. Admittedly one of our most versatile and flexible workshops, let Primary Workshops for Schools provide you with the expertise to enhance your learning experience.  We can cater for a […]

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Indian Drumming Workshop

Our Indian drumming workshop combines cultural awareness and musical appreciation and is considered both inspiring and rewarding.  Primary Workshops for Schools will immerse your children in the history of this art form, which stretches back many thousands of years. Designed to enhance your school’s cultural events, our Indian Drumming Workshop will introduce various rhythms and […]

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Indian Dance Workshop

India has had a long romance with the art of dance, so what better way to celebrate this wonderfully unique and diverse culture than booking Primary Workshop for School’s Indian dance workshop. Your children will be enchanted by the graceful movements used in traditional Indian dances and thrilled by the upbeat, modern Bollywood style of […]

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Comedy Poetry Workshop

Our comedy poetry workshop is perfect for supporting and enhancing the children’s speaking and listening skills, communication skills and confidence in a fun and easy way. Children will be taught techniques such as wordplay, rhyming and the importance of intonation, tone and volume with a touch of performing. Emphasis on poetry doesn’t have to be […]

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