Coronavirus Update

We are currently open and able to answer any questions you may have regarding our workshops.

Most of our workshops can be run successfully using social distancing.

Animal Encounters Workshop

Our exciting animal-handling workshops help pupils learn about animals in a safe, controlled environment. Our sessions are fully interactive and we make time for every child to touch or hold the animals. This close-up experience helps to build confidence, as well as making the day truly memorable. At Primary Workshops for Schools, our Animals Encounters […]

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Healthy Living Workshop

Primary Workshops for Schools Healthy Living Workshops will introduce your children to the concept of healthy living, including having a healthy mind. Having a healthy mind allows children and young people to develop the resilience to cope with whatever life throws at them and grow into well-rounded, healthy adults. As we all know, lots of […]

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African Drumming Workshop

Our African drumming workshop is led by highly skilled and experienced drummers who offer a fully immersive learning experience to children through the positive power of drumming. Both entertaining and educational, this workshop is a great way of introducing children to a culture they may not have had much experience with.  Our drum circle creates […]

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African Dance Workshop

Our African dance workshop will leave the children with a lasting impression and a spring in their step as well as a broad understanding of cultural diversity. During this highly energetic workshop, we will fully immerse the children in the experience by teaching them some of the different traditional African dance moves native to this […]

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Samba Drumming Workshop

In our Samba Drumming Workshop, the whole day is based around energetic and traditional rhythms from the Latin American culture.  Our Samba Drumming Workshops are one of the most popular group activities we offer at Primary Workshops for Schools and your children will be delighted when they come together to form a samba band. Samba […]

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Chinese Dragon Dance Workshop

The Dragon Dance is one of the most anticipated events of the traditional Lunar New Year celebrations.  While it is not to be confused with the Lion Dance, the Dragon Dance is also performed on auspicious occasions and wards off evil spirits and welcomes good fortune. Dragons are legendary animals, but they are important to […]

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Science Workshop

Whether your students are crazy chemists or are wowed by the weather, this hands-on workshop is sure to leave them excited and enthused about the subject of Science. At Primary Workshops for Schools, we are offering a fun-filled and action-packed workshop full of hands-on practical experiments including topics such as Transport, Space, Light and Sound, […]

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