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Junk Percussion Workshop

Junk Percussion Workshop

Did you know that your children could recreate some of the musical brilliance from stage shows such as Stomp with our Junk Percussion Workshops?

In these sessions, children will learn to question whether an item is ‘rubbish’ or ‘reusable’ whilst pushing the limits of music and rhythm to another level.

After making their own instruments, children will have fantastic fun playing them whilst gaining valuable experience of working as a team and old pots, pans, brushes and boxes can all be recycled to form a "Junk" orchestra.

The junk nature of the instruments will give children the freedom to express themselves, not to mention a great sense of achievement as their own compositions emerge into their final performance at the end of the day. A Junk Percussion Workshop will make children look at the objects around them in a very different light and they will see that rhythm is everywhere!

The Junk Percussion Workshops from Primary Workshops for Schools utilise the children's skill in various different subjects such as: 

  • Science
  • Design Technology
  • Art
  • Music

A typical Junk Percussion Workshop consists of six sessions throughout the day, which culminate in an engaging performance at the end allowing children to demonstrate the exciting new skills they have learnt.


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