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Indian Storytelling

Indian Storytelling

Explore the energetic, rich and colourful culture of India with our master storyteller in our specialised Indian Storytelling workshops. Traditional Indian myths and legends can be adapted to each key stage to enrich your curriculum. As with our African and Chinese storytelling workshops, our Indian storytelling workshops are rooted in a rich tradition of folktales, myths and legends passed from generation to generation.


Watch the children (and adults!) become immersed in action-packed stories of trickery, love and the eternal struggle of good versus evil. Our storyteller will take you to the magical land of India telling stories, enriching what the children have learned in class and leaving them with a sense of awe and wonder. Our specialist Indian storytelling workshops can also further explore tales of the Hindu Gods and Goddesses, including Rama and Sita, linking in perfectly with the festivals of Diwali, the festival of light and Holi, the festival on colour.






Indian storytelling pairs especially well with our Indian dance, drumming and Asian textiles workshops. Indian storytelling, whilst available to enjoy all year round, is an absolute must do when celebrating Diwali in October/November and Holi between late February and late March.


A typical Indian Storytelling workshop consists of 4 hour long captivating sessions, with the exception of Early Years which can be tailored to suit.

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