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Henna Style Workshops

Henna Style Workshops

Henna is traditionally used for special occasions such as holidays, birthdays and weddings in Africa, Pakistan, India, and the Middle East.

The most popular of the traditions is the Mehndi Night where the bride, her family, relatives and friends get together to celebrate the wedding, similar to a “Hen Night” in western culture. Tradition says that for as long as the henna stains stay on the brides’ skin, she doesn't have to do any housework!  Also, the darker the stain the better the better the mother-in-law will be!

We will teach your children the skills needed to decorate their items so that they can create a dazzling display in school or they can take them home and give them as heart-warming gifts. We can use a variety of mediums such as acrylics or even real Henna depending upon your requirements and the items to be decorated.

With our Henna Style Workshops, your children can decorate various items such as:

Pillar candles  -  Tea light candles  -  Saucers  -  Readymade pattern sheets  -  Large washed pebbles  -  Mandala gift boxes

Each session would be with up to 30 children, with 6 sessions per day and will last 45 minutes to 1 hour.


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