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Comedy Poetry Workshops

Comedy Poetry Workshops

Perfect for supporting and enhancing the new curriculum within literacy. Helps to improve children’s speaking and listening skills, communication skills and confidence in a fun and easy way. Children will be taught techniques such as word play, rhyming and the importance of intonation, tone and volume with a touch of performing.

Emphasis on poetry in new curriculum – doesn’t have to be traditional it can be funny and creative with comedy poetry, even the teachers can have a go.

The poets, who are also successful authors, will be focused on improving language skills, but most importantly focused on making these vital skills easily accessible to all students in a fun and unique way.

The workshop can start with an assembly for the whole school, At the end of the day, a short performance for the children to showcase the skills that they have been taught can be organised.

This workshop is suitable for key stages 1, 2 & 3, and is tailored to each of the different age groups.

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