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African Storytelling

African Storytelling

Our specialist African storytelling workshop gives an enchanting introduction to the varied and vibrant culture of Africa. Lively and colourful stories have been drawn from across this ancient continent, from West Africa to Tanzania to Morocco.

Traditional African tales, which often focus on seeing life through our animal protagonist’s eyes, will be performed by our master storyteller who may bring props to bring your venue alive and even a djembe or two (subject to availability). Hear ancient tales and wisdoms passed down through the centuries by traditional Griots (traditional African storytellers).






Our specialist African storytelling workshops are ideal to tie to the National Curriculum, linking perfectly with English, History and Geography. Our African storytelling workshops are also the perfect accompaniment to our African drumming, dance and textile workshops, fitting in with your Black History month celebrations as well as being available all year round.


A typical African Storytelling workshop consists of 4 hour long captivating sessions, with the exception of Early Years which can be tailored to suit.

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