We had an absolutely fabulous day.  The whole experience was made very easy from the initial booking I made.  The contact with you has been excellent and we really appreciated the flexibility in planning the day to fit in with our requests.  The workshop facilitator was great and the children were fascinated by his talent.  He was very patient and encouraging in all that he said and did and made all the children feel at ease.  It was lovely to involve all of our staff too and we gained so much from it and it was good for the children to see us trying something new.  The parents thoroughly enjoyed the little presentation at the end of the day.  First class workshop – would recommend to other schools

Mrs L. Kirk (Class Teacher)

Chinese Day went very well and I was very impressed with both of the workshops.  Your staff were enthusiastic, knowledgeable and great with the kids. 

Mr D. Cockerill (Class Teacher)

Thank you very much for organising everything so well, and at such short notice.  The workshops provided were excellent and all the children had a fantastic experience.

Mr G. Cadwallader (Deputy Head)

Our African dance and drumming workshop was fantastic.  All the children were engaged and had a very enjoyable day.  Staff were asked to join in and they enjoyed the day along with the children.  We would definitely have this workshop in the future.  Thank you again for the lovely day.

Miss B. Power (Class Teacher)

The Chinese workshops we had last week were excellent!  We all hugely enjoyed them and the children learnt so much.  I think the sessions were particularly good because they were delivered by someone who genuinely knows and had experienced first hand, Chinese culture and traditions.  It was fascinating to listen to song,  play and talk about the origins of the music with such depth of knowledge and a clear passion, and to pass this onto the children.

Ms E. Bright (School Music Coordinator)

Just wanted to let you know how much the children enjoyed the dance workshop today.  We were all so impressed with the facilitator’s energy and fantastic routines which she put together for a great performance at the end of the day.

Ms L. Pater (Class Teacher)

I didn’t manage to catch Louise before she left us at the end of today to thank her and say what a brilliant day the children had in their workshops, so please can you pass on our thanks? She did a super job - it was amazing what the children achieved in such a short time; they were all 100% into it … and the parents were very impressed too.
Thanks for all your help with our booking!

Rachael (Class Teacher)

Super / Fantastic / Excellent – All staff and children thoroughly enjoyed the experience. A very talented musician. All children from each class participated- playing instruments, singing and chanting rhythms

Y Ball (Class Teacher)

We had a fantastic day drumming today. The children absolutely loved it as did the teachers and parents. Please, would you pass on our huge thanks to Omar? He was fantastic and wonderful with the children. We will definitely be booking you again

K. Collingridge (Class Teacher)

Just wanted to say what an amazing day we had yesterday with our drumming Workshop. All the children and adults thoroughly enjoyed it.

D. Sparks (Class Teacher)

The workshop was great and all the children had a great time. They thoroughly enjoyed the plays that they watched and were enthusiastic about making their own puppetsBig thanks to all for running the workshop for us – it was great.

H. Tapsell (Fox Class)

Apologies that this is a little late but I wanted to e-mail and say thank you very much for the Indian dance workshop last Wednesday!

The dancer was brilliant, she was so lovely with the children and they all responded very well to her. She was very friendly and professional. The workshops were well structured and pitched at just the right level, and they kept the children engaged throughout. When I went in with my Nursery class for their session I had a brilliant time. I was particularly impressed by how patient and caring she was with all of the children, and how she gently encouraged some of the more reserved children to join in. They were all talking about it afterwards and were keen to tell their parents about their Indian dancing. The workshops were just the right length of time for our children and every class enjoyed their session. I would really recommend the workshop!

Many thanks and kind regards,

Miss J. Thornton (FS1 Teacher)

It was amazing! Full participation from the onset. Not really any ways to improve the workshops. Yes, definitely rebooking. We're booking a ‘Samba’ Drumming Workshop for the week beginning 16th October 2017.

J. Hartley (HLTA)

I just wanted to say what a brilliant day we have all had. The children have gained so much from the experience and have had so much fun too. The teachers of each class have all said how good the session was also and it will inspire some creative music making throughout the coming half term. I have obviously thanked the drummer who led the session but wanted to also pass on my thoughts to you with regard to how well he ran the sessions.  He had a brilliant manner with the children who, in turn, responded well to him. I am hoping that I will be able to be in touch in the new academic year to arrange a similar session. (I just have to arrange the budget first!!!) Thanks again

Mrs Holoham (Woodpecker Class)

I'd just like to say a massive thank you to your dancer who was fantastic at our school yesterday! Everyone was so impressed with the dances she taught the children. We're really grateful for her efforts. She's a brilliant teacher!

Mrs J. Speed (Class Teacher)

The workshop was great with each class being taught different skills which they performed to their parents. All children participated thoroughly in the workshop and listened well to the drummer. Having an instrument each made this a great workshop – so no improvements required. Yes, we would rebook – the same drummer, please.

W. Baxter (Teacher)

Yes, we enjoyed the workshop– it was excellent. Yes – the children were very engaged. They learnt a lot and it was well targeted to our age group and their learning. No ways to improve the workshop. Yes, we would rebook – this one was fantastic.

A. Ruegg (Yr5 Teacher)

I would like to say thank you for leading me in the very big circus! I really liked it when I did the clubs with George and Daniel and I liked everything.

Finlay (Owls Class, Berkshire)

They loved the workshop. Everyone fully participated. He ably supported those who found it tricky.No. Very hands-on, Well managed. We will be in touch to rebook!

Mrs Poyton (Headteacher)

We enjoyed the workshop very much.  The classes really enjoyed the sessions which also acted as excellent CPD for our teachers

Becky M (Teacher)

The workshop was fantastic, probably the best dance workshop we have ever had!

Grace B. (Deputy Headteacher)

We have had this workshop 3 times now, delivered by your drummer, he was very patient with them and the workshop was aimed at their level.

Fiona M. (Class Teacher)

Thanks ever so much for the workshop. The dancer was fabulous! She pitched the dances just at the right level for our kids so that they really enjoyed the morning.

Lucy, Katie and Lindsey (Class Teachers)

I am writing to say thank you for coming in and teaching us Indian dancing.  It was great!  I enjoyed the special clothes because they were all different colours and they were really bright.  I think dancing is fun because you learn different dances.  Thanks again for coming in and teaching us dances.  Yours truly,

Cam (Key Stage 2 Student)

I really enjoyed it yesterday when you came to do African Drumming with our class.  When I walked into the hall I was mind-blown by the drums!.  I had never seen anything like it before.  On the drums, there were so many different patterns which made them unique.  My favourite was the flame.  I also really like the bass because it sounded like a gong.  Then as we learnt the rhythms we got faster and faster and it got more and more fun.

Miss M. Mair (Year 6 Student)

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